Terms of Service

Please inspect your order immediately upon receipt. If you have a problem, immediately upon discovery contact the distributor or dealer from whom you purchased our product, or contact us directly.

We can best respond if you provide the following: a) EFAD order number b) date and location of purchase, c) how to contact you, d) the address of where the product can be inspected, and e) a description of the problem and the product (including photographs). All visible defects must be reported before installation and finishing. Claims under these warranties must be made within the specified warranty period and within sixty (60) days of the appearance of a defect. We may charge a fee for on-site product inspections. However, this fee will be refunded if the product is found to contain a defect covered by this warranty. Warranty claims may take up to 120 days to process, allowing for claim processing, part manufacturing, and shipping.
Our products must be stored, installed, maintained, repaired, and used in accordance with acceptable good trade practice and our supplied instructions in order to prevent damage and maintain your warranty.
Doors are a specialty product that you cannot assume to be a standard installation of a typical door or window. We are not liable for any defects or problems related to installation. EFAD folding door systems are top hung and bottom hung and improper sizing of the header and movement and sagging of the header will affect product performance. It is important that the system is properly adjusted for smooth operation. Due to the fact that EFAD systems are custom made product, it is the responsibility of the installer / purchaser to ensure that track lengths are checked and adjusted to size onsite to suit cad details. Some systems such as upvc systems may be supplied with track lengths exceeding cad size to enable onsite trimming as track ends may be burred whilst in transit. It is the responsibility of the customer/installation contractor to determine the need for weep holes in the system, and to then install weep holes into the outside of the bottom track at installation based on the site conditions for that project. Site conditions vary and therefore weep holes are made onsite as needed. Our products should be installed with adequate overhang and to prevent the effects of sheeting water from above. It is not our responsibility to design or recommend a flashing system appropriate for each job condition. We offer products that are designed to be weather resistant in exterior applications when installed and adjusted properly, however, because of certain conditions and applications over which we have no control, including but not limited to frame assembly and field adjustment, we do not warrant that our products are impervious to water or water intrusion and air infiltration. We recommend that a professional waterproofing consultant be used to properly integrate our product into the weather barrier of the wall structure. To ensure maximum weather protection and code compliance customer should install bottom track weather flange, bottom front edge taeguk rubber weather seal to doors, and rubber gasket seal to vertical door edge flanges. To minimize compromise of sealed Insulated Glass Units, all glass grids used are externally attached Simulated Divider Light grids (SDL).
Disclaimer: EFAD provides no endorsement of any supplier or installer shown on locations list. All parties should make their own enquiries and conduct their own due diligence as to the workmanship, status of relevant contractors license, statutory compliance and insurance held by any supplier or service listed there.
When door panel heights exceed 96” it may be necessary to include glass divider mullions in the door panel due to : 1/.  Maximum Insulated Glass Unit panel production capability size being exceeded. 2/. Impossibility of handling, installing, shipping Insulated Glass Units. 3/. Increased risk of breakage and compromise of the Insulated Glass Unit Argon seal while handling. 4/. Door frame strength requiring to increase torque strength and rigidity.
EFAD Doors’ folding and sliding systems are specialty products which are required to be used in a particular manner. Children under the age of sixteen (16) should not use systems without an adult being present. EFAD Door systems should be operated as recommended by us. Single freeway door panels require 2 persons to move the door safely along the track. Magnetic catches and slide bolt latches must be used to secure the panel in place at all times. Failure to do so can cause injury. Improper function of our door systems can lead to injury by way of fingers being caught and pinched between folding and sliding panels. EFAD Folding Systems are manufactured using Aluminum and UPVC. EFAD Sliding Systems are manufactured using UPVC with metallic and non-metallic core materials.
Certifications, ratings and performance typically apply to individual products and will vary and change over time depending on the conditions of use.
Improper installation and care may void warranties. These instructions are a basic/general guide and recommendation for installation, but may not be utilized in every application method. The manufacturer assumes no responsibility for failure, performance or injury from improper installation methods, care and/or use. Please refer to your local building codes and regulations for more specific details needed in your system installation process.
Building designs, construction methods, building materials, and site conditions that are unique to your project may require installation methods that are different from the instructions here and/or additional care. Determining the appropriate installation method is the responsibility of your architect, you, or construction professional.
Energy values vary based on options selected, please verify the requirements of your jurisdiction.
Normal and regular maintenance is required to maintain the appearance and extend the finish life and maintain proper operation. The following maintenance procedures are recommended.
Tracks and Bearings - Remove surface contaminants by wiping visible track surfaces with a damp soft cloth and a mild detergent, then wipe dry with a clean cloth. Using a suitable applicator spread a small amount of clear petroleum jelly or similar lubricant. Ensure that the carrier wheels pass through the lubricant so that it is distributed evenly along the track. Place additional lubricant around the bearings. In severe environments, apply a thin film of WD40. Always keep bottom guide channel free from debris.
Hangers, Pivots, Brackets, Handle Back Plates and Hinges - Exposed surfaces should be wiped down with warm soapy water and a soft rag, and then rinsed clean before applying new surface protectants. A light spray application of WD40, followed by a light wipe with a dry cloth to remove excess is recommended for all hangers, pivots, brackets and hinges. Be careful not to get these compounds on wood items as they may cause staining. For oil rubbed bronze finish, care should be taken when cleaning or re-applying surface protectants.
Surface Mounted Locking Mechanisms - Spraying WD40 to the sliding pin inside the drop bolt and to the lock cylinder (if applicable) is recommended. There are access holes or slots on all drop bolts so that this can be completed without removing the locks from the doors.
Aluminum Coatings - Exposed surfaces should be cleaned with mild detergent soap and water. Any chips or scratches must be repaired immediately and not left exposed to the elements.
Wood Components - All wood component parts and finishes must be inspected annually for damage resulting from exposure to the elements and repaired immediately.
Vinyl Surfaces - Exposed surfaces should be cleaned with mild detergent soap and water, no harsh chemicals or acids.
Screens - Dust and debris can collect in the guide channels over time. Removal of such build up is easy and important to the screen’s smooth movement. While the screen is retracted, remove any debris with a soft cloth or a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush nozzle. Dusty or coastal environments will require regular cleaning. The screen mesh should be lightly dusted to maintain an unobstructed view and air flow. While the screen is extended, remove any build up with a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush nozzle, care should be taken not to tear or rip the mesh.
Frequency - The procedures above need to be carried out as often as necessary to prevent deterioration in the installed environment. However, we recommend the following minimum maintenance frequency: General environments: every six (6) months. Marine, industrial or corrosive environments: every three (3) months.
Payment can be made to EFAD by way of credit/debit card, wire transfer, or cashiers check. Processing of order will not commence until receipt of cleared funds and EFADs banking institution confirmation of fund availability. Personal or company checks will not be accepted for payment. Any bank charges associated with the customers chosen method of payment are to be borne by the customer. Discounted amounts given to mobile resellers or showroom resellers are for payment by wire transfer or bank deposit. If paid by credit card, an additional 3% admin fee will be invoiced.
Returns are subject to the EFAD terms of service here detailed, warranty terms and by appropriate laws. Returns of non-custom items are subject to a 20% re-stocking fee. Returns of custom made items are expressly subject to EFAD approval and will be subject to a minimum 20% re-stocking fee, if approved by EFAD.
Any completed orders wherein Customer fails to pay any outstanding balance when requested, fails to collect goods when notified that such goods is ready for pickup, or fails to provide delivery details when requested by the carrier or EFAD, if such failure or failures exceed 2 business days after notice, shall be subject to storage charges at a rate of $25.00 per crate and/or pallet per day. These storage charges shall be payable by Customer prior to delivery. Under no circumstances shall Seller be liable for any costs, fees, damages or loss to goods or materials stored pursuant to this Section. Seller specifically disclaims any liability for, or damage resulting from, the storage of finished goods or materials stored hereunder in any manner contrary to industry standards.
Only one delivery address per order, no split delivery addresses unless additional delivery addresses are specified and paid for at time of order. All deliveries are curbside.
Customers are required and responsible for inspection of the components within their crated order upon delivery to ensure that all components are contained within the crate and with the crated order, and to ensure all parts are in usable condition without damage. If components or systems have not been received or are damaged, customer must notify EFAD within 14 days of delivery of the product to allow EFAD to locate the components that are missing or to replace damaged components. Customer acknowledges and agrees that missing or damaged parts may take the same amount of time additionally to supply from the date of notification of missing or damaged components, as the original order took to be delivered. If customer fails to notify EFAD of missing or damaged components or systems within 14 days, the time for EFAD to supply the required parts will be extended by the same amount of time that it takes customer to notify EFAD past the required 14 day notification. It is agreed that EFAD will not be held responsible for any consequential damages but only responsible for supplying the missing or damaged components or systems in the time frame agreed above.

Our rep trainers only provide Onsite and/or virtual System Assembly training for Independent Licensed contractors. Rep trainers are not installers and will not carry out installation of any kind.
Independent Licensed contractors that receive our System Assembly Training need to be aware of code requirements and building standards including attachment methods, and waterproofing.  The Independent Licensed contractor is responsible for all preparation work and installation work that takes place during System Assembly Training. The Independent Licensed contractor needs to ensure they have the required waterproofing materials based on their project plans, permit and code. It is the responsibility of the Independent Licensed contractor to use the appropriate components including but not limited to framing, headers, foundation, subfloor, fasteners, flashing, sealant, wrap, membranes, and sill pans. All work also pertaining to attachment, waterproofing or sealing to the building is the responsibility of the Independent Licensed Contractor.
The Independent Licensed contractor needs to have all required materials on site as expressly determined by the Independent Licensed contractor, and the Independent Licensed contractors personal presence is required onsite at all times that training is provided or no training can be provided.
Proof of Current Contractors License and Proof of Insurance must also be provided to EFAD prior to booking Onsite System Assembly training for Independent Licensed contractors.
Due to the changing and varied nature, requirements, thresholds, and other material factors affecting the collection of sales tax in each of the states of the United States of America, including but not limited to the changing nature of economic nexus within each state, and the varied nature of it, any collection of a tentative sales tax provisional amount at the time of product order is only a tentative and provisional allowance. This is confirmed as the sales tax due, only after it has been clearly determined by EFAD that economic nexus has been achieved within the state of the subject sale, in the month that the provisional amount was collected.
Discount percentages on sales, are, can be, and may have been added to an order so that the purchaser was at no disadvantage by the addition of the provisional and tentative sales tax allowance amount. These amounts shall vest with EFAD in the event that EFAD determines that no economic nexus was achieved in the state the order was made, in the month of the order payment.

EFAD Data Privacy Policy
Effective Date: January 1st, 2019
EFAD, (“we” or “us” or “our”) is committed to protecting the privacy of personal information we receive from our clients and their authorized users (“Client Data”) and from third-party sources (“Third-Party Data”). This Privacy Policy applies to our use of all Client Data and Third-Party Data. This Privacy Policy does not apply to our clients or third-party Data Subjects, or to other websites to which we may link (including third-party sites or other sites which may be operated by us).
We are a data aggregator and processor that helps our clients develop a better understanding of their customers by combining customer and transactional data gathered by our clients with third-party data sets, and then performing a robust analysis of all the relevant data. We process personally identifiable information on behalf of and in accordance with the instructions of our clients and/or third-party data providers (collectively, the “Data Providers”), who may collect such information from their customers and others (“Data Subjects”) through website use, purchases or other means. We act only on and in accordance with instructions from the Data Providers. Any personal information is stored securely at all times, and our data processing activities are limited to the minimum necessary for the performance of the contracts between our clients and us. Upon written request from any Data Subject whose personal information we have received, with proper verification of identity at our sole discretion (e.g. via certification from a notary public), we can promptly destroy, correct, amend and/or return to the Data Subject any and all personal information, including any personally identifiable information, in our control or possession, subject to our right to retain such information as deemed necessary to comply with legal obligations. We will use commercially reasonable efforts to respond to such requests within forty-five (45) days of receipt of such request and proper identity verification. All requests in this regard should be submitted via email to info@foldadoor.com.
Personal Information that Our Data Providers Collect
Our Data Providers collect the personal information of Data Subjects in a variety of ways. One way in which they collect personal information is directly from their customers. For example, a customer may provide personal information such as name, email address and telephone number if he or she conducts an online purchase or other transaction with a Data Provider. Certain personally identifiable information may also be provided by a customer on a Data Provider’s website or mobile app, including, but not limited to, through posting material on the site or the mobile app, inputting search queries, or completing surveys, forms, or polls. As a data processor, we may gain authorized access to the personal information of Data Subjects, including personally identifiable information, that was collected by the Data Controller and which is hosted securely on our servers. BY SUBMITTING, ENTERING, OR PROVIDING ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION, INCLUDING PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION, TO OUR DATA PROVIDERS, YOU THEREBY CONSENT TO OUR PROCESSING, STORING, REPURPOSING, AND USE OF SUCH INFORMATION IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE TERMS OF THIS PRIVACY POLICY AND ONLY IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE INSTRUCTIONS OF THE DATA PROVIDERS. SUCH PROCESSING, STORING, REPURPOSING, AND USE IS NECESSARY TO FULFILL THE PURPOSE OF THE CONTRACT(S) BETWEEN US AND THE DATA PROVIDERS. IF A DATA SUBJECT DOES NOT WISH FOR PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION TO BE SHARED WITH US FOR THE PURPOSES DESCRIBED HEREIN, HE OR SHE MUST NOT PROVIDE OR UPLOAD SUCH INFORMATION TO OUR CLIENTS OR THIRD-PARTY DATA PROVIDERS.
Personal Information that We Collect
Through our website ,(the “Website”), we automatically gather certain information about the use of the Website, such as how frequently certain areas of the Website are visited and the date and time of Website visits, IP addresses and browser information, including through the use of cookies, web beacons and other technologies. Most browsers can be set to prevent cookies or to notify a Website user when one is being placed. A browser may allow a Website user to delete the cookies after using the Website.
The Website may also make use of a cookie technology designed to enhance the experience of Website users and provide aggregate non-personally identifiable information about the use of the Website to us. By using the Website, users hereby agree that we can place these types of cookies on their device(s).
How We and Our Data Providers Use and Disclose the Information of Data Subjects
We will not use, share or disclose the information of Data Subjects to anyone except as described in this Privacy Policy, in compliance with the instructions of the applicable Data Providers, or as otherwise consented to by a Data Subject.
Data Subjects should be aware we have no control over third-party websites or links, and our Privacy Policy does not apply to these third-party websites or links. Please consult the privacy policy of such websites or links for information related to privacy in connection to such websites or links.
General Use and Disclosure the Information of Data Subjects
We reserve the right to disclose information, including personal information, in order to comply with a subpoena, court order, administrative or governmental order, or any other requirement of law, or when we, in our sole discretion, believe it is necessary in order to protect our rights or the rights of others, to prevent harm to persons or property or to fight fraud and credit risk reduction. IF A DATA SUBJECT USES A PUBLICLY ACCESSIBLE AREA OF A DATA PROVIDER’S WEBSITE OR MOBILE APP, HE OR SHE SHOULD BE AWARE THAT ANY PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION SUBMITTED THERE CAN BE READ, COLLECTED OR USED BY ANY PERSON FOR ANY PURPOSE. We are in no way responsible for the personally identifiable or other information submitted in these public forums.
We may use non-personally identifiable information in the aggregate, so we can improve the Website, and for business and administrative purposes. We may also use or share with third parties, for any purpose, aggregated data that contains no personally identifiable information.
Choices regarding Data Subject Information
Upon written request from a Data Subject, with proper verification of identity at our sole discretion (e.g. via certification from a notary public), we can promptly destroy, correct, amend and/or return, to such verified Data Subject, any and all personally identifiable information in our control or possession, subject to our right to retain such information as deemed necessary to comply with legal obligations. We will use commercially reasonable efforts to respond to such requests within forty-five (45) days of receipt of such request and identity verification. All requests in this regard should be submitted via email to info@foldadoor.com.
How We Protect Information
We are committed to protecting the information we receive from our Data Providers and their Data Subjects. We follow reasonable technical and management practices to help protect the confidentiality, security and integrity of data stored on our system, including from loss, misuse, and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction. While no computer system is completely secure, we believe the measures we have implemented reduce the likelihood of security problems to a level appropriate to the type of data involved.
In addition, only those employees and third parties who need access to personal information in order to perform their duties are allowed such access.
Although we do our best to protect the personal information of our Data Subjects, we cannot guarantee the security of personal information. ANY TRANSMISSION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION IS AT THE DATA SUBJECT’S OWN RISK. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CIRCUMVENTION OF ANY OF OUR DATA PROVIDERS’ PRIVACY SETTINGS OR SECURITY MEASURES.
Privacy Policy Changes
If we decide to change our Privacy Policy, we will post the revised Privacy Policy here. Data Subjects are responsible for periodically visiting the Website and this Privacy Policy to check for any changes. Continued use of the Website indicates consent to the then current Privacy Policy as posted. If a Data Subject does not consent to the changes to the Privacy Policy, he or she must not continue to access or use the Website, and may reach out to us at info@foldadoor.com to object and/or to obtain for more information.
Subject to the conditions, exclusions and limitations of this limited warranty, we warrant our glass and components below will be free from defects in materials and workmanship which would render the product unserviceable or unfit for ordinary recommended use from the date of shipment for the following time periods:
Glass – IF PROVIDED BY EFAD, We warrant insulated glass against failure of the air seal and that each unit will be free from material obstruction of vision as a result of fogging or film formation on the internal surfaces. We warrant laminated glass against delamination resulting in materially obstructed vision through the laminated glass. All glass is warranted for a period of twenty (20) years.
Component Finishes – EFAD standard aluminum paint finish is warranted for a period of ten (10) years against defects resulting in cracking, peeling and other loss of adhesion. Optional and Custom color paint finishes are warranted for a period of ten (10) years unless in coastal environments (within three (3) miles of a sea coast or salt water, which will be warranted for a period of one (1) year). Anodized finishes are warranted for a period of three (3) years unless in coastal environment (within three (3) miles of a sea coast or salt water which will be warranted for a period of one (1) year). EFAD standard vinyl is warranted for a period of ten (10) years against manufacturing defects which results in rotting, cracking, warping, pitting, corroding, peeling, blistering, or non-uniform color.
Hardware and Components – Folding system and swing door carriers, pivots, surface mounted locks and hinges will be warranted for a period of ten (10) years. Multipoint and locking mechanisms will be warranted for a period of five (5) years. Sliding system hardware components including multipoint lock mechanisms and rolling hardware will be warranted for a period of ten (10) years.
All hardware products should be cleaned and maintained as recommended below and as frequently as necessary. Hardware in coastal and salt water environments should be cleaned and maintained every three (3) months as a minimum and more frequently to prevent buildup of salt water or corrosive residue. In event of a warranty claim user must be able to present maintenance schedule as recommended below.
Weather Seals - All seals are warranted for a period of ten (10) years. Systems should be adjusted as per our recommendation and according to variances in site conditions so as not to put undue stress and/or pressure on seals during operation. Export Limitation - The maximum warranty period for any product used outside of the United States is two (2) years on glass and components and ten (10) years on folding system hardware.
This warranty is limited to defects in materials and workmanship and expressly excludes damage or defects caused by or arising from:
* Minor glass imperfections which do not impair structural integrity or obscure normal vision, including slight bubbles, lines, surface imperfections or discolorations; any imperfections in the glass not detected from within ten feet whilst looking through the glass as per the guidelines established by federal standard ASTM C 1036-01; cracked or broken glass or damage resulting from accident including from impact or wind pressure, misuse or abuse; glass with films or coatings applied; and failure of insulated glass seal due to contact of finishing product.
* Warp beyond one (1) year from date of shipment for any 3’3” wide by 8’0” high by 1 3/4”, or smaller door panel, which does not exceed 1/4” in the plane of the door panel itself and that adversely affect the normal functioning of the door system; door panels wider and/or higher are not guaranteed for warp; warp, bow or misalignment of frame components that can be straightened during typical installation or occurring beyond one (1) year from date of shipment;
* Structural integrity issues, including improper sizing of header and movement or sagging of framing or the header and flaws in building design and construction; improper installation not in conformance with our installation instructions; alignment of meeting panels; slight expansion or contraction due to varying environmental conditions; and panel movement (shrinkage) of 1/4” or less due to temperature and humidity;
- Damage as a result of improper or lack of adjustment
• Water or water intrusion or air infiltration; design of an appropriate flashing system; failure to provide an adequate overhang and to prevent the effects of sheeting water from above; doors with ADA compliant, guide channel or zero-step sills, inswing, zero post corner and curved systems; and product installed in high moisture environments or in structures that fail to allow for the proper management of drainage or moisture; - Condensation on interior of product as a result of excess humidity.
• Uniform color fade of vinyl material as a result of surface exposure to ultraviolet (sun) light or non- uniform color fading, discoloration, darkening and/or chalking as a result of unequal surface exposure to ultraviolet light and elements. Damage caused by all external factors including harmful fumes, chemicals, distortion or warping due to building head, excessive temperature exposure or unusual heat sources including outdoor grills, interior and exterior reflection from roofs, windows, walls, window coverings or other surfaces, oxidation, staining or mildew, accident, abuse, misuse, and neglect.
• Accident, misuse, abuse, failure to follow the care and maintenance instructions and increased frequency of maintenance required in a corrosive environment or the seacoast in order to prevent damage from salt water; finish failures or corrosion of aluminum or damage to other components caused by chemicals or environment conditions including but not limited to air pollutants, acid raid, brick wash, muriatic acid, direct contact with concrete and salt spray; field modification of product; impact or wind pressure; exposure to conditions beyond published performance data; or as a result of any cause beyond our control (e.g. fire, flood, earthquake, other acts of nature, and acts of third parties outside of our control).
• Delay of more than seven (7) days in finishing product or exposure to weather; improper finishing of all surfaces of door panels and frame; normal wear and tear; natural weathering of surfaces or variations in the color or texture of the wood and aluminum or finish, including compared to samples; the appearance of field finished wood; plated finishes; surface checks that are less than 1/8” in width and/or 2” in length; solid wood sills; and damage caused by extreme temperature. - Wood veneered aluminum components used to the exterior of a home or structure - Improper use and re-application of seals by third party when removed to stain, paint or finish wood.
• Products purchased through us that are manufactured by a third party (including but not limit and custom hardware); panels including glass that are manufactured by others and supplied to us for inclusion in our door system and related panel and system performance; and special product that includes items manufactured according to customer supplied specifications or no hardware. Shattered tempered safety glass is excluded from warranty. Shattering is a required and normal function of tempered safety glass upon impact or shock per federal guidelines.
* Improper screen assembly and installation, damage as a result of environmental conditions such as wind, normal wear and tear but not limited to exposure to sun, rain abrasion, heat and/or cold, exterior application, damage to, or contamination of, screen cloth and other screen components by rough handling, misuse, abuse or neglect, damage caused by humans or pets accidentally running, walking or falling into screen, damage and/or contamination of dirt, dust or debris. We are not responsible or liable for: Cost for labor, installation, removal or repainting, refinishing or similar activities connected with the replacement product or component; execution of service and costs incurred for shipping, handling, transferring, insuring and transporting; and incidental or consequential damages of any kind other than as mandated by applicable state law. This warranty is not a promise of future performance. Your exclusive remedy shall be repair, replacement or refund as stated in this warranty. If we determine that a defect exists that is covered by this limited warranty, we will elect to either repair the product or components or ship replacement product or components to the distributor or person making the warranty claim in the same condition as the product originally sold, subject to our right to substitute a similar product when the product originally sold has been discontinued or modified. We may elect to provide replacement glass with or without associated sash. EFAD, in its sole discretion, may choose to repair the product as an option to replacement in full satisfaction of its warranty obligation. If we are unable to provide replacement and repair is not practical or cannot be made timely, then we may elect to refund the purchase price paid directly to us if the warranty applies. The warranty on any replacement product will extend for the balance of the original warranty period. It is the purchaser’s sole responsibility for determining whether a product purchased from us is suitable for an end user’s needs or application. All visible defects must be reported before installation and finishing. Claims under these warranties must be made within the specified warranty period and within sixty (60) days of the appearance of a defect. Failure to report defects to us, as specified under the “Procedure for Warranty Claims” section, will void all express warranties. If the claimed defect is warp in door or frame components, we may defer repairing or replacing the door panel or frame component for a period up to twelve (12) months from the date of claim. It is not uncommon for temporary warp condition to occur as the door panel adjusts to local humidity and temperature conditions. Failure by the purchaser or end user to follow the installation and maintenance contained within this warranty required shall void any and all express warranties. This warranty shall be interpreted, construed and applied under the laws of the State of Nevada. All disputes under this warranty shall first be decided by mutually agreeable mediator, with each side to bear its own fees and costs. If the dispute is not resolved through mediation, the dispute shall be submitted to a mutually agreeable arbitrator, pursuant to the arbitration rules of the State of Nevada. The prevailing party to any claim filed under this limited warranty is entitled to reasonable attorney’s fees, expert’s fees and costs. EFAD is entitled to attorney’s fees, expert fees and testing fees regarding any dispute over the installation of its product.
This express limited warranty sets forth our maximum liability for our products. No one is authorized to modify or expand this express limited warranty. The absolute limit of our liability is the product purchase price from EFAD. We shall not be liable for special, indirect, consequential, incidental, or punitive damages of any kind and all such claims are waived to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law. Your sole or exclusive remedy with respect to any and all losses and damages resulting from any cause whatsoever as specified herein. All EFAD product is sold ‘as is’ and as such EFAD disclaims any and all implied warranties. We make no other warranty or guarantee, either express or implied, including implied warranties of merchantability and of fitness for a particular purpose to the original purchaser, except as expressly contained herein. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the goods is with the buyer. In the event state or provincial law precludes exclusion or limitation of implied warranties, the duration of any such warranties shall be no longer than, and the time and manner of presenting any claim thereon shall be the same as, that provided in the express warranty stated herein. This warranty is only for the benefit of the original purchaser and is not transferable.
Contacting Us
If there are any questions regarding these policies, you may contact us using the information below.
EFAD, 2620 S. MARYLAND PARKWAY, SUITE 14 #236, Las Vegas, NV, 89109